Kobo Forma review: A great, but pricey Kindle alternative

Kobo Forma review: A great, but pricey Kindle alternative

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On paper, the Kobo Forma stacks up really well against the Kindle Paperwhite: It’s thinner, includes a similar lighting configuration around the edge of the screen that makes it possible for you to read at night, is equally waterproof (IPX8 rated), and adds the extra bonus of letting users change the lighting color from blue to yellow, making it easier on your eyes in the evening.

So can the Kobo Forma hold up against the brand new Kindle Paperwhite, which I recently called "the best available e-reader in terms of value" based on a hands-on with the device?

Toronto, Canada-based Kobo is launching a brand new e-reader called the Forma that the company hopes will directly compete with Amazon’s wildly popular Kindle e-readers.

This may not seem like a big deal, but blue light has been proven to negatively impact people’s sleeping habits.  So, if you’re like me, and you’re the type of person who likes to read right before bed, you’ll absolutely appreciate the fact that you can change your Forma to a much warmer yellow light rather than having those piercing blue LEDs shining in your face in the late hours of the evening.

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