Nintendo will release a Super Mario Game & Watch for the holidays

and you can get a Game & Watch that'll play the NES versions of 'Super Mario Bros.' and original 'Super Mario Bros. 2'.

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One of the neatest is a new Game & Watch device that’s packing the NES version of Super Mario Bros. , as well as The Lost Levels and a re-skinned version of Ball featuring Mario.

A stripped-down version of Super Mario Bros. was released for the format in 1986, although this edition has a full-color screen and offers the full game.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. , Nintendo is throwing all sorts of goodies at fans of the series.

When the Game & Watch series itself turned 30, Nintendo offered Club Nintendo members a special, limited edition of its first title, Ball.

Or games, since as well as the NES title, you’ll also get The Lost Levels, the version of Super Mario 2 that was only released in Japan.

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