Oxo's Newest Coffee Maker Brews 8 Great Cups—or 1 Superb Mug

A smartly designed full-size brewer with the added ability to make an excellent single cup of

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My favorite coffee reference, Jessica Easto's 2017 Craft Coffee, effectively ignores automatic machines because most of them can't get the water hot enough, nor can they keep it in contact with the grounds for the right amount of time during the brew cycle.

It's what dissolves from the grounds and turns your hot water into coffee. "Only about 30 percent can be extracted, but you only want a percentage of what's available.

What we perceive as strength is a function of how much of the coffee grounds actually dissolve and make it into your cup—what's known as total dissolved solids, or TDS. "Most coffee is water and 1 to 2 percent coffee," he says.

In a normal coffee maker, if you use a smaller amount of water to make a single cup, you're probably also using a smaller amount of coffee that's spread across the bottom of the basket.

On a related note, while the carafe pours brewed coffee wonderfully with the lid on, it's a bit sloppy when the lid is off, especially when you're using it to fill the water tank.

All that is pretty trivial, though, when you consider that it makes very good coffee, and compared to almost every other coffee maker on the market, it brews small amounts exceedingly well.

But slowly, almost one at a time, the Specialty Coffee Association has certified coffee makers with its Gold Certification, meaning a host of coffee-making variables has been taken into consideration.

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