Philips Hue finally has a multicolor light strip. Too bad it costs way too much

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A multicolor upgrade is an excellent step in the right direction — and it also catches Philips Hue up with Lifx, a key competitor that’s been making and selling a smart, multicolor light strip for about four years now.

It’s a legitimately neat feature that syncs real-time, positional lighting changes with the colors on your TV screen, and when it first debuted a few years back, it seemed like the perfect moment for Hue to finally introduce a multicolor light strip.

Simply put, $200 is ridiculous. $200 is more than twice as much as the previous Hue lightstrip. $200 is more than twice as much as that other multicolor lightstrip from Lifx, and almost three times as much as the TV-specific, budget-friendly, second-gen follow-up to that Lifx strip. $200 is a big, dumb cash grab.

The old strip was already capable of shining at any shade from any part of the strip — it just needed better programming to handle different colors in different places at the same time, and perhaps a new plastic housing around the diodes to help diffuse the light and blend the colors together.

Chief among the new bulbs and fixtures is a Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip that’s designed for the back of your TV and capable of putting out multiple colors at once.

Meanwhile, a new version of the Philips Hue Iris table lamp with richer colors, better dimming, improved brightness and a fabric-wrapped cord hits stores on Oct. 19. That one will cost $100.

Discuss: Philips Hue finally has a multicolor light strip.

Philips Hue finally has a multicolor light strip.

Philips Hue finally has a multicolor light strip.

In his view, the Gradient Lightstrip is akin to having multiple Hue lights on the back of your TV, and less comparable to a single previous-gen strip.

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