Super Mario Bros. 35 turns classic Mario gameplay into a 35-person battle royale

Tetris 99, but make it Mario?

Curated via Twitter from The Verge’s twitter account….

Nintendo is turning the original Super Mario Bros. into a 35-player battle royale game called Super Mario Bros. 35, available on October 1st exclusively to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Super Mario Bros. 35 looks to offer a similar design to Tetris 99, another Switch Online-exclusive battle royale.

It’s not the first classic Mario battle royale; a fan-made version of the idea called Mario Royale beat Nintendo to the punch by at least a year, allowing 75 players to take on a classic Mario level at the same time (although the game was quickly removed by Nintendo).

Nintendo is only planning on making Super Mario Bros. 35 available for a few months: it’ll launch on October 1st and be playable until March 31st, 2021.

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