The secret Avengers video game the world never got to play

The secret Avengers video game the world never got to play

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Dailey and the bigwigs at THQ Studio Australia invited Marvel out to Brisbane to sell them on the idea of a first-person Avengers game, cobbling together a presentation that included an early prototype of what the team was hoping to achieve with this bold new vision. "It really took them by surprise," remembers Dailey. "But in a good way. "They were like, ‘This is great, this is different.

Christian Dailey believes that if they were given the time and the resources to finish it according to the team’s vision, THQ Studio Australia’s Avengers would have been a massive success. "It was a simple game," he says, "but it was very sticky and very fun.

Rex Dickson had a reputation as being a "closer. " He’d just finished working on THQ’s Homefront, a game with a development period so tortured it was referred to as a "death march. " Some within THQ believed he could help THQ Studio Australia get the Avengers project finished in time for the movie.

If the game was four-player, then you could see the other Avengers — be they Hulk, Captain America, Thor or Iron Man — playing alongside you. "Now, of course, it makes sense," Henden admits, "But at the time I was one of the people saying ‘what the fuck?

THQ wanted to make a video game that would launch alongside the Avengers movie, but no-one really knew much about the movie itself. "There were pockets of people who sort of knew," says Henden, "but they weren’t really allowed to say.

But the "worst day" he says, was the following Monday, when Dickson and upper management informed the whole team that THQ Studio Australia was being closed and Avengers was being canceled.

Dickson agrees, but given the time constraints the Avengers project would have almost certainly come up against, he believes the game might have sacrificed on depth and story. "I think it would have probably ended up shipping as an arcade brawler with a lot of potential in the core mechanic, but not fleshed out enough to be a AAA 90 rated title.

The team also secured Brian Bendis — the award-winning writer referred to as the architect behind the Ultimate Marvel Universe comic book series — to write the story. "The game was really coming together, really starting to look good," says Henden.

For Christian Dailey, the Avengers cancellation was a slow-moving train. "It wasn’t like one day you go into work, and the next day it’s ‘Surprise, the game’s canceled’.

He loved the Avengers game, but he didn’t like the deal. "There was a massive guarantee against that game," explains Bilson. "You had to pay Marvel double-digit millions no matter what.

Initially the new arrivals clashed with a very Australian Avengers team. "I’m sure people felt like their toes were being stepped on," says Dickson. "We were the Americans.

One sound designer, hired by the outgoing general manager, had packed up his entire life in the UK and headed to Australia for a job that no longer existed. "This guy had paid to relocate to Australia," says Henden. "He had all of his personal stuff in a shipping container, all of his things were on a ship. "He arrived in Brisbane and was told he didn’t have a job anymore.

In many ways, Avengers was doomed from the start. "Avengers was an expensive game," says Bilson.

This was game development. "You know, we’ve all been there," says Henden. "We’ve all beaten up a filing cabinet with an umbrella at some point in our careers.

Avengers never got the chance to become the masterpiece Christian Dailey envisioned, but Avengers will also never disappoint us. "Part of me is happy it was never released," says Chris. "It got to remain frozen at its ideal point.

Dailey absolutely understood. "Some new guy had come in and flipped everybody’s world upside down," says Dailey. "But I knew it was the right thing for this particular game. It was a bold move.

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