Verizon engineers are working to secure its 5G network

Verizon engineers work to secure 5G network

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Verizon said its network security engineers are experimenting with artificial intelligence and machine learning cybersecurity, network accelerators, data "fingerprints," and connected vehicles security.

On AI and machine learning, Verizon wants to develop a security framework that would verify the information being fed into its algorithms and manage how the info is being used — like to detect security anomalies and analyze how cell towers are performing.

Verizon’s network accelerators will then help protect security functions that can’t be virtualized in the cloud.

Lastly, Verizon’s 5G security system for connected vehicles, called Secure Credentialing Management System, secures the connections among vehicles, roadside infrastructure, other road users and cloud services.

Verizon is trialling 5G network security solutions. 597"}’ section="annotation">Verizon on Thursday detailed some of the work it’s doing on its 5G network security.

Verizon’s engineers are working with the University of California Santa Barbara to combine AI machine learning firewall and intrusion detection system solutions in a single whitebox accelerator. Read more: Verizon vs. AT&T vs.

Verizon uses high-band millimeter-wave spectrum for its 5G network, which is high speed but limited to traveling short distances and being blocked by solid obstacles like buildings and trees.

Verizon is partnered with Guardtime on making it almost real time by using "cryptographically secure functions to create digital fingerprints of data" and storing them in the blockchain.

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