Vivo is making a phone that has color-changing rear glass

It uses the same electrochromic glass tech found in OnePlus’ Concept One

Curated via Twitter from The Verge’s twitter account….

In a video posted to Weibo (and spotted by Android Authority), the company confirms that its new phone, which doesn’t yet have a name or release date, can change its rear case’s color with the press of a button.

The company claims to be using electrochromic glass to achieve this dazzling effect, the same tech that OnePlus employed in its Concept One phone to obscure its rear camera from view when it wasn’t being used.

Interestingly, that clip doesn’t have tape covering the camera module, and it looks strikingly similar to the company’s recent X50 flagship phone that went on sale in July.

A mobile phone brand is developing a mobile phone with a discoloration rear case, which can adjust the speed of discoloration.

Granted, the phone oscillates between the same colors whenever a button on its side is pushed: white, then deep blue, with a brief glimpse of a gorgeous lilac purple tone.

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