Volta Zero is an electric delivery truck built just for cities

Volta Trucks is currently building its first prototype for

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While it’s far from the first EV designed with parcel delivery in mind — Amazon plans to use electric vans from Rivian and Mercedes—Benz to deliver customers’ orders — Volta Trucks has forged significant partnerships that could give it a role in shaping the future of deliveries.

It’s similar in size and nature to Volvo’s electric truck that was also designed for city use. (Another common thing between the two companies is that Volta Trucks was co-founded by Kjell Walöen who used to be a Volvo executive. ) With a range of 95 to 125 miles, it can’t go as far as Volvo’s EV that has a range of up to 186 miles.

A Swedish startup named Volta Trucks has unveiled its first vehicle: an electric truck designed specifically for city parcel and freight deliveries.

European delivery service DPD will launch a pilot test using the Volta Zero to service customers within London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone in the first quarter of 2021.

And, in addition to being zero-emission, the EV will also be made of sustainably sourced natural Flax material and biodegradable resin in its exterior body panels. “Commercial vehicles form the lifeblood of commerce and livelihoods in cities, but today’s large trucks dangerously impose themselves on our streets and dominate their surroundings.

Volta Trucks is redefining the perception of the large commercial vehicle, and how it operates in and integrates with, the zero-emission towns and cities of the future.

This is made possible by the three pillars that define both Volta Trucks as a business and the Volta Zero – safety, sustainability, and electrification.

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