You Probably Never Found This Wholesome Windows 95 Easter Egg

The news cycle is Easter eggs are fun. And maybe it’s the nostalgia speaking (and the recent anniversary), but Windows 95 still reigns supreme in my memory as the best operating system of all time. It’s for these three very scientific reasons that the reveal of a long-hidden Windows 95 easter egg temporarily cured my 2020-induced depression.

Curated via Twitter from Gizmodo’s twitter account….

In the video, Windows 95 developer Jeff Parsons reveals how to find a secret credits sequence. “Windows 95 was packed with new features thanks to over three years of work by literally hundreds of people,” Parsons says in the video. “But who were all those people? ” Turns out to access the hidden credits, you’d have to make use of one of the new features introduced with Windows 95: Long file names.

It’s also not the only retro Windows easter egg. The Windows 3. 1 development team also hid a secret credits section that could be accessed by holding down Ctrl+Alt+Shift in the About section of the Program manager.

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