You will not love it, guaranteed

You will not love it, guaranteed

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Susan, of course, hates online dating without having ever tried it, so her "employees" make her a fake profile to “help with the case. ” They use a cute photo we’re supposed to believe is unattractive (“It was the only one where you weren’t working”) and gets immediate hits from a handful of hotties — or, alleged hotties, as Susan quickly learns that online dating can include catfishing, ghosting, and of course, just regular bad dates.

Their “banter” is as hollow as a pool noodle but checks off boxes that only exist in movies, like how Susan must watch The Fugitive and Nick somehow hasn’t heard “I Think We’re Alone Now. ” Neither piece of media plays a significant role, despite the name dropping.

Love, Guaranteed stars Damon Wayans, Jr. and Rachel Leigh Cook as a man out to sue a dating website and the lawyer he unconvincingly but inevitably falls in love with.

Susan’s latest client is Nick, a perpetual bachelor who wants to sue the dating website Love, Guaranteed.

Cook plays Susan, an attractive career woman who likes to drink a single glass of wine while staring out the window because she is lonely (this is driven home by the fact that her sister lives next door with a husband and child).

Rachel Leigh Cook ad Damon Wayans, Jr. in Netflix's borderline unwatchable "Love, Guaranteed. Love is pain.

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