Amazon Echo Dot with Clock vs. Google Home Mini: Smart speaker showdown

Do the new timing features swing things in Amazon's favor?

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A digital clock might seem like a small addition to a smart speaker like the Echo Dot, but Amazon is clearly crafting an affordable speaker for everyday use: one that answers the most common questions and solves the most common problems — all in the most efficient package.

While the original Echo Dot jumpstarted Alexa’s early adoption rates, Google’s Mini smart speaker soon outpaced it in terms of sound quality — a huge feature, considering one of the most common uses for smart speakers is listening to music. leads"> ($40 at Best Buy).

While the device, which came out in 2017, might feel a little light on those extra features that sweeten Amazon’s newest wallet-friendly speakers, Google’s small speaker can certainly stand against any other out there.

At last year’s September event, Amazon went back on the offensive, announcing a new Echo Dot with Clock, featuring a digital clock on its face and a $10 price bump to $60.

A digital display makes answering such a basic question as simple as a glance, and importantly for Amazon, keeps users turning to its smart speaker for basic daily tasks.

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