Employees Called Facebook "Shameful" After It Fails To Act Against Trump's Post Suggesting People Vote Twice

“Facebook is Another performative announcement by leadership not intended to address any issues.”

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Multiple employees expressed confusion that the post hadn’t already been deemed violative and removed. “This is voting misinformation,” said an employee. “Your polling place will not be able to track if your vote had been received. “This post [is] essentially urging people to go to their voting place, ask for information that place will not have, and then commit voter fraud by voting twice. “This must come down.

A Facebook policy employee posted a more detailed explanation for the decision in the Workplace thread. “While all states prohibit attempts to vote more than once, the post does not explicitly call for people to vote twice,” they wrote. “Rather, it encourages individuals to check the status of the mail-in ballot and, if necessary, to cast a ballot in person.

On Thursday morning, Trump, a frequent source of false and misleading information about mail-in voting and voter fraud, posted potentially unlawful advice to voters on Facebook and Twitter. “On Election Day, or Early Voting, go to your Polling Place to see whether or not your Mail In Vote has been Tabulated (Counted),” Trump wrote. “If it has you will not be able to Vote & the Mail In System worked properly.

Several employees said they believed Trump’s post, published just a few hours after Zuckerberg’s announcement, was intended to test the company’s commitment to the new, stricter “implicit” policy. “I believe the whole purpose of this post was to show how our policies and declarations are all bark and no bite and to prove FB will not have the courage to enforce them,” said an employee, adding that leaving Trump’s post unmoderated makes “a mockery of [Zuckerberg’s] post just a few hours earlier.

Facebook employees are outraged over the company’s “shameful” and “unconscionable” decision to not remove a post from President Donald Trump spreading voting misinformation that could lead to people voting twice.

If they vote in person just as their mail-in votes are being counted, they actually will be double-voting,” said an employee, noting that voters in Washington state can track their mail-in ballot’s status online and do not need to go to a polling station. “This post is insane, even by the standards that [Trump] has set the past few years.

Roughly an hour after Trump’s post appeared, an employee flagged it on the company’s internal discussion forum, Workplace. “Seems like this already violates our extended policies on voter suppression by misrepresenting how or when to vote.

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