Keep Pregnancy Tests Dumb

I love a good teardown as much as the next gadget nerd, but two teardowns of digital pregnancy tests on Twitter illustrate how “technology” for reproductive health often misses the

Curated via Twitter from Gizmodo’s twitter account….

Making matters worse, the issue of fertility tech overpromising superior accuracy isn’t limited to digital pregnancy tests. (Though this one-time use, Bluetooth pregnancy test with a tacked-on app component is a good reminder that poorly thought-out fertility tech has been around for years. ) Last year, the $330 Daysy Bluetooth fertility thermometer was found to have published a bunk “study” that overpromised its accuracy.

The companies don’t actually claim that digital tests are more accurate, but the assumption exists, and it’s misleading to let customers think a digital pregnancy test is any more accurate than a non-digital one.

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