Lucid keeps one-upping Tesla with its long-range EV

Lucid keeps one-upping Tesla with its long-range EV

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The Tesla Model S Performance model running on Ludicrous mode clocked in at 10. 45 seconds for the same distance earlier this year. How fast is your dream? #LucidAir Dream Edition vs. 1/4 Mile Test Sonoma, CA.

In a quarter-mile test on a NorCal track, the Lucid Air’s Dream edition made the distance in under 10 seconds — 9. 9 seconds to be exact.

We’re still waiting on the cost for Lucid Air’s Dream edition and the price for a starting model.

Each unit weighs 163 pounds and is compact enough, Lucid claims, to fit inside an airplane carry-on roller bag.

Lucid says the unit is 45 percent lighter, 59 percent more powerful, and 2. 5 times more compact than that of its "closest competitor".

Lucid also shared more about the front and back electric drive units, which is where the two motors are housed.

The Lucid Air makes its debut next week as a new luxury electric sedan with a record-breaking range.

RSVP for the Lucid global reveal, Dream Ahead, on 9. 9. pic. twitter.

Lucid’s CEO said the Lucid Air isn’t supposed to be a Tesla killer, but it just might unseat Tesla as the EV standard-bearer.

Lucid didn’t break down the weight of each component, but said each unit offers 650 horsepower.

Tesla’s front drive unit is just under 200 pounds with a 70-pound motor.

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