Selene Delgado Lopez is NOT stalking you on Facebook

Selene Delgado Lopez is NOT stalking you on Facebook

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Around this time, a slew of Selene Delgado Lopez profiles were created on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, all using the same photo.  The picture is much more recent and depicts a woman older than the missing persons photo of Selene from the Canal 5 segment. (It’s unclear who the woman in the photo actually is. ) Nevertheless, dozens of these social media accounts are using this same photo.

Try typing Selene Delgado Lopez’s name. She’s not there. (It’s also technically impossible for any one Facebook profile account to be friends with more than 5,000 users, so this account can’t be friends with everyone on the site!

Two days ago, I first became aware of Selene Delgado Lopez when an old friend from high school shared a post warning other Facebook users about the account.

The gist of the hoax is basically this: Selene Delgado Lopez is, for some weird reason, on everyone’s Facebook friends list.

A new viral conspiracy theory going around Facebook is warning users about a woman by the name of Selene Delgado Lopez.

If you don’t know about these privacy settings, a Facebook profile page like this fake Selene account looks a lot like someone you’re friends with.

If you look at the Selene Delgado Lopez account that everyone claims is following them, you’ll find more than 17,000 shares of her Facebook profile photo.

I’ve seen dozens of Facebook posts from users sharing the news of Selene, this woman they don’t know who they’re apparently friends with on the social networking site.

Look up Selene Delgado Lopez on Facebook… yes you’re friends… yeah idk why either. Block that creep. You’re welcome.

One of the Selene accounts — the one that has now gone viral — has the friend request button disabled in their Facebook privacy settings.

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