This 3D-printed steak alternative is looking to shake up your dinner options

The secret is in the printing technology, the company behind the product

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One startup called Redefine Meat is looking to add 3D-printed, plant-based steaksĀ to that list, according to a June report from Reuters.

Redefine Meat’s product reportedly consists of all plant-based, vegan ingredients including soy and pea proteins, coconut fat and sunflower oil.

The company, founded in 2018, reportedly raised $6 million last year in a round led by CPT Capital, which has also invested in Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat.

Meat alternatives are rising in popularity, from Impossible Foods’ plant-based beef and pork to Beyond Meat’s burgers.

Redefine Meat will reportedly market test its "Alt-Steak" at high-end restaurants this year and then launch its 3D printers at meat distributors next year.

While several companies have successfully replicated the taste, smell and texture of ground beef using plant-based ingredients, steak is a largely untapped market.

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