White House issues 'SPD-5' cybersecurity policy for space

The White House doesn't plan to require the country's space industry to adopt the practices it

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At the same time, the administration doesn’t plan to require agencies like NASA to codify the practices into regulations. “We’re very much trying not to be prescriptive,” an official told Space News. “There’s a lot of motivation for companies to try to be cybersecure on their own.

The Trump administration’s latest Space Policy Directive, SPD-5, details policies the government believes the country’s public and private space agencies should adopt to protect their systems from hacking threats.

It’s worth noting many of the guidelines the Trump administration outlined on Friday are already practices both government and private space agencies have widely adopted.

The White House said the practices the document outlines are necessary to protect US space interests, which it considers vital to the security and economic prosperity of the country.

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