10 of our favourite British TV shows from the past decade

10 of our favourite British TV shows from the past decade

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Colman plays a detective sergeant in a seaside town on Britain’s south coast in the show, and her constant squabbling with Tennant’s character is just one part of what makes it great.

Equal parts raunchy and joyful, the show never looked down on its cast of characters, even when they were as objectively weird as an incest-obsessed cousin, a mother catfishing her daughter’s dates, or a wildly misinformed adult virgin who prayed daily to Beyoncé to grant her some action.

There are many things us British people struggle with — Brexit; the weather; saying anything other than "great" when the barber shows us our finished haircut — but making good TV shows is not one of them.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s lauded, Emmy-winning series follows the tumultuous exploits of a smart, witty, and undeniably troubled protagonist, who regularly breaks the fourth wall and chats to the audience while ricocheting through sex, family drama, silent retreats, and grief in London.

One of the best comedies of this decade was a two-season wonder based on a one-woman stage show about a sex obsessed female protagonist with a difficult older sister and no respect for the proverbial fourth wall.

Over the past decade, Britain has produced some truly glorious television — from the dark dystopia of Black Mirror to the gleeful euphemisms of The Great British Bake Off.

This show — or "programme" as we say in Great Britain — is the equivalent of a pair of non-creepy arms reaching out of the television and enveloping you in an enormously comforting hug.

Creator Charlie Brooker worked as a TV critic throughout the noughties, and the process clearly taught him a thing or two about what makes a memorable viewing experience. ‘Hang the DJ’ is just one of many excellent ‘Black Mirror’ episodes.

You might not think a TV show that begins with a world leader being blackmailed into having sex with a pig could ever make for compulsive viewing – but oddly enough, you’d be wrong.

I find myself crying inexplicably when characters drop their custard tarts on the floor (they worked so hard!!!! ) or even just at the faintest whiff of team spirit (they all help each other!!!!! ).

Michaela Coel has since moved on from Chewing Gum, but the show’s perfect two seasons are on Netflix, where they should over the next decade become standard comedy viewing for anything who wants to see what funny really looked like in the 2010s.

Created and written by Julian Fellowes, the Downton story begins in April 1912, with Season One ending in summer 1914 as Lord Grantham receives a telegram saying the United Kingdom is at war with Germany.

Bake Off is a show about amateur bakers — people who love to make cakes on the weekend, but who also happen to be pretty talented (some more than others).

Freeman plays Watson with charming befuddlement — something the audience can really cling to when Sherlock really digs into his “mind palace” — while Andrew Scott truly embraces the organised chaos of a machiavellian criminal mind as Sherlock’s unhinged nemesis Jim Moriarty.

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