5 reasons to get yourself an Instant Pot

Safety, speed and easy cleanup are just a few of the reasons for their rising

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All that makes Instant Pots light years ahead safety-wise of their ancient pressure cooker counterparts.

First off, an Instant Pot isn’t just an electric pressure cooker.

The Instant Pot is no cantankerous old school manual pressure cooker.

The Instant Pot hits food with a one-two punch combo of high pressure and heat.

From slow-cooked meals made quickly, to baking cakes and desserts, there are so many reasons to love the Instant Pot.

Instant Pots can gently steam delicate items like eggs, too. Brian Bennett/CNET 2.

The internet has gone wild for the Instant Pot, with countless personal blogs, cooking websites and Facebook groups devoted to it.

Instant Pots double as standalone electric rice cookers as well.

You can cook so many things in an Instant Pot, from whole chickens to desserts.

Not so in the Instant Pot, which speeds up ordinary cook times by a factor of 3.

And unless the cover is firmly clamped down, the Instant Pot won’t take on pressure.

Here’s a list of recipes every Instant Pot owner should know, and CNET’s favorite Instant Pot recipes.

They’re designed to ensure the Instant Pot operates within preset safety limits.

Probably the Instant Pot’s best quality, besides fast cook times, is its simple cleanup.

The Instant Pot has many safety features built right in.

If you’ve been considering buying an Instant Pot but are still on the fence, this guide is for you.

Most of the Instant Pot’s parts are dishwasher safe.

The Instant Pot is wildly popular for many reasons.

Many Instant Pot models come with special yogurt modes.

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