A brief history of humans having sex and loving sea creatures in media

A brief history of humans having sex and loving sea creatures in media

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Like in Shape of Water, Allen chooses to be with his fish love and relinquishes human life on dry land.

Allen, a depressed workaholic, falls in love with a mermaid named Madison after she saves his life.  He attempts to show her what normal human life is like, but she’s kidnapped by scientists who plan to dissect her.

Peter and Margaret’s story was featured in a surprisingly unsensational BBC documentary called The Girl Who Talked To Dolphins.  Let’s just agree: the free love movement of the ’60s and ’70s took romance to some strange places.

Brenner graphically detailed the encounter — including the mechanics of maneuvering human genitals with the dolphin’s in open water — in his autobiography Wet Goddess.

Starring young Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah, 1984’s Splash tells the story of a complicated romance between a human being and a mermaid five years before The Little Mermaid was released.

This 2011 game is about an octopus posing as a human father, who must fulfill household tasks, deflect his wife’s suspicions, and avoid a manic chef who wants to cook him. (Those household tasks do not include sex, so don’t think you can play some Sims-esque WooHoo with beastiality.

Ponyo meets a five-year-old human boy named Sosuke and decides to become a human girl after falling in love with him.

She falls in love with the human Prince Eric and trades her voice for legs and almost loses him to the evil sea witch Ursula — you know the story.

One of the running gags in Bojack Horseman features whale exotic dancers in a Seaworld-meets-Vegas-strip water park called Whale World, where families can watch bikini-clad killer whales seductively jump through hoops for cash.

This aquatic love story, much like Shape of Water, also takes place in a lab.

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