California Hydrogen Station Race Winners: First Element, Equilon And Iwatani

The California Energy Commission has issued a Notice of Proposed Awards recommending million for the three awardees to build 36 hydrogen refueling stations.

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It has an option of completing the second and third batch of 28 more stations. First Element Fuel, Inc. plans to contribute $98. 5 million of matching funds to the construction of all 49 stations.

With 45 hydrogen stations in operation, California continues to lead the way in hydrogen infrastructure development in the United States and this gap will only widen with 36 more stations to be built shortly with the help from the California Energy Commission (CEC) and Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Funds.

In its announcement on September 4, the CEC identified three big hydrogen race winners.  The top winner, First Element Fuel, Inc. , will build 21 station in the first batch with the $15.

Currently, the dispensing capacity of stations in California might be roughly estimated at 12 tons of hydrogen per day adequately serving 8,000 fuel cell vehicles on the road.

Iwatani Corporation of America is the third winner, awarded $11 million, to build seven stations in its first batch with an option of 16 more.

It remains to be seen whether, when the first batch of these new stations enters service, they’ll be matched with more fuel cell vehicles to provide them and the old stations with appropriate demand and revenue.

Specifics of the station designs are unknown, but the expectations are that most of the stations would be in the class of 1,000-plus kilograms of hydrogen per day dispensed.

First Element built South Pasadena hydrogen station, August 2020.

Air Products compressed hydrogen … [+] tanker is offloading hydrogen while a fuel cell vehicle is preparing to fuel.

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