Dyson Airwrap review: Fancy curls for an even fancier price

Dyson Airwrap review: Fancy curls for an even fancier price

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If you frequently straighten, curl, or style your hair, the Dyson Airwrap’s quickness, versatility, and heat protection could be worth the obscene price.

Since Dyson gave us a sneak peek of the Airwrap, we’ve been wondering if it could do for hair styling what the Supersonic did for hair, um, drying.

For me, I rarely style my hair, and the Airwrap wouldn’t replace occasional visits to the blow dry bar, so the price isn’t worth it.

The brush heads of the Dyson Airwrap can help straighten hair.

But perhaps with some practice and a good three-way mirror, it could eventually fit the bill. … when I do my hair, even with the Dyson Airwrap.

It follows Dyson’s 2016 Supersonic hair dryer, which previous Mashable reviewers really did find to be a marked improvement over the previously undisrupted traditional blowdryer market.

But the Airwrap needs your hair to be wet to work its magic, since it styles with warm (and then cool) wind.

If you: Shower in the morning before work, do your hair regularly, like to look polished, don’t like to spend money and time on professional hair styling appointments, are concerned about damaging your hair with heat tools, are constantly dropping money on high-tech gadgets, what are you waiting for?

And as a product that works from wet hair to a dry style, it’s extremely fast: on my medium length, medium body hair, curling took under 30 minutes, and straightening took a truly impressive seven.

And those who dropped $400 on the Supersonic dryer might be a bit miffed that Dyson is now offering basically that same hair dryer as just one part of a far more robust product.

A big difference between the Dyson and a traditional curler and straightener is that you style on damp hair.

I would say that if your hair can or cannot usually hold a curl, or usually does or does not respond to hair straightening, the Dyson will probably work in the same way.

And the technology almost makes it a smart straightener, forcing me to create better curls or kinkless-straight hair, with the power of the wind.

If you want to be kind to your hair, and feel the power of the wind against your face and your scalp, you might have to clear some space (perhaps a lot of space) on your shelf for your new high-tech hair toy.

For hair curling and straightening, have we been harnessing the power of the sun when we really should have been tapping into the power of the wind!? Fools!

I will say that the biggest impediment to my own hair styling is usually my inability to effectively wield a curling iron and see the back of my head at the same time.

It’s designed to dry, curl, straighten, or create waves for multiple hair textures, all the way from fine and straight to thick and kinky.

Working from this smaller portion of hair, with the rest of my mane pulled away and not in danger of getting mussed by the gale, creating curls was fast and easy!

But the Airwrap made my hair straight, but still voluminous and full of body.

But as I selected a random strand, I found that the wind was whipping up my hair all around the piece that I had selected, creating a messy effect near my scalp.

My small hair curler and straightener are all currently loitering dangerously below my bathroom cabinets, probably creating a hazard with all the dust, rust, and ambient water they’re gathering.

Plus, the curl was soft, so it was difficult to select the next piece of hair for curling without messing up what I’d already done.

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