How to download the iOS 14 public beta on your iPhone

How to download the iOS 14 public beta on your iPhone

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On the macOS side of things, a beta build a couple of years ago once made a bunch of apps stop working because they weren’t compatible.

If you’ve correctly installed the configuration profile, you’ll be able to download the newest beta build.

The public beta for iOS 14 doesn’t have an exact release date yet, but Apple has said it’s coming sometime this month.

On the next page, scroll down until you see a link to enroll your device in Apple’s beta program.

If you want to avoid this or dealing with bugs in general, Apple recommends making a backup of your iPhone as it exists with iOS 13 before you take the iOS 14 plunge.

Open Safari (this worked better than Chrome for me) and go to Apple’s beta website.

Hit the iPhone button in the upper left part of the iTunes window, click "Summary," and then click "Back Up Now".

At the time of writing, this is an iOS 13 beta build, but when the iOS 14 public beta hits, you’ll find it here. And that’s it!

A beta version of new software could, theoretically, mess up your phone real bad.

Click "General" in the Finder window and select the option to back up your iPhone’s data to the Mac.

Go to that and install it because that profile will allow you to download the actual beta.

If you do it before then, you’ll just get a beta build for the version of iOS you already have, which is not nearly as cool as testing out the future.

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