My Doomed Search for a Bedside Wireless Phone Charger

My wife and I have spent years testing out dozens of models on our We’re still hunting.

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Either a wireless charger is working or it’s not, and my phone screen tells me immediately when I place it on the charger.

That’s why we want a good wireless charger—just a simple pad or stand you can place your phone on.

But straying too far from the sweet spot or having a case on your phone can cause wireless chargers to generate a lot of heat, and heat is the enemy of a healthy battery.

One of the first wireless chargers I tried also emitted a loud beep when the phone was fully charged—a "feature" that got it expelled from our bedroom at high velocity.

A good wireless charger should have some kind of grips, so it stays on the surface it sits on, and so it holds onto your phone.

The Google Pixel Stand has claimed a place on my nightstand, but the search continues for my wife.

On some models, a slippery phone can slide itself off, and on others all it takes is a slight bump to send your phone clattering onto the nightstand, cruelly rousing your significant other from their blissful slumber.

For now, the Pixel Stand has claimed a place on my nightstand, but the search continues for my wife.

Finally, it’s amazing how many wireless chargers sport an unnecessary LED on the front that’s bright enough to see through your eyelids.

There is a light, but you can configure it so the stand and your phone go into do-not-disturb mode when docked, which means no sound and no light. The catch?

You also need a specific wristband on your Apple Watch so it can lie flat, and it’s too easy to knock your devices off their assigned charging spots.

When I began my search, wireless chargers had single-coil designs that necessitated surgical placement.

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