The 24 best video games of all time, according to our games-loving team

The 24 best video games of all time, according to our games-loving team

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I remember that time fondly because I spent the duration of it in my bedroom in a flow state blissfully glued to my lil’ off-white, 13-inch CRT TV, trying to master hairpin turns at high speeds with nothing more than a D-pad, some shoulder buttons, and the forward momentum of those adrenaline-thumping CoLD SToRAGE tracks. (No analog sticks. Can you even imagine? ) Since then, the game has stayed with me, making the leap to the PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita.

I don’t know how much time I’ve put into World of Warcraft since I started playing the vanilla version in 2005, but I have likely racked up thousands of hours in that game.

The art style of this game has, for me, remained the peak aesthetic in video games with its bold colors, adorable 2D characters, and warm music.

Everyone’s favorite game with a dedicated farting button, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee began the legend of Abe, breaker of chains and liberator of Mudokons, in 1997 with a stunning (and incredibly difficult) game that perfectly captured the hero’s journey.

It’s exceedingly hard to play AMFV or any other Infocom game these days because of rights issues and a lack of support for older software, but I still think about it often.

There was something eerie about the sense of presence developer Retro Studios imbued into its first-person adventure game, which fully enmeshed players in the isolation and desperation of being stuck on an unexplored alien planet.

It wasn’t until much later that I realized The Lost Age is technically a sequel, and I had to backtrack to play the first game in a series.

Golden Sun was an incredibly formative title for me during the Game Boy Advance era that helped me get into more turn-based role-playing games.

The energy of this game seemed legitimately too big for any screen to contain, but if you could find a way to harness that energy, to learn a few combos, to start approaching getting good, you could turn your opponent into a rag doll in seconds and come away feeling like a champion… until the next match.

Returning to Foreman farm always comforts and reassures me — never once has it made me question why I love this game or the emotional importance I’ve imparted on it.

Just a few short months earlier, I’d gotten my first glimpse of the Psygnosis-developed anti-gravity racing game with its soundtrack of techno bangers via the movie Hackers.

If I were to play it again, I might find it dated in some ways, but I think the game’s puzzles remain unique and creative even today.

I think it was my first real experience with a great indie game, and it inspired me to actively look for more.

The game is clunky to play now and didn’t age well, but I’ll never forget how much I cried after finishing its very emotional story.

And then there’s the lore, of which there is frankly too much, but with such a plethora of characters, stories, and histories to dig into, so much of the game feels important and full.

The plastic instrument rhythm game boom of the late 2000s was never really my bag, but the short-lived DJ Hero series made an exception of itself with earnest creativity.

The vibrant colors, cartoonishly exaggerated animations, incredible roster, and razor-thin margin of error made this game a pure addictive delight.

Setting was so important to this game — a place, a time, an era, an aesthetic.

The “Tetris Effect” is a condition in which you spend so much time with a game that it begins to pattern your thoughts.

Instead of trying to crown a set of games as the one-size-fits-all best video games of all time, I turned to the members of Mashable’s games-loving team and asked them to share what they considered the best games for them.

Its mix of iconic cel-shaded character designs, endearing comic book-style cut scenes, a mysterious but provocative plot, and frantic, gyro-based, gravity-shifting controls make for a game that was seemingly designed just for me.

Here’s what we all had to say about the best video game of all time.

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