Burning Man 2020 is buggy and fun as hell

Burning Man 2020 is buggy and fun as hell

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The secret Daft Punk set was part of BRCvr, one of eight online "multiverses" announced by the Burning Man organization in April as a replacement for this year’s actual Black Rock City.

Of all the in-jokes at Burning Man — and there are plenty in the 34-year history of an event with more than its share of merry pranksters — none has the longevity of "Daft Punk is playing at the trash fence".

If Burning Man 2021 actually happens, a very big "if" at the moment, may it be filled from one end of the city to the other with rumors of Daft Punk at the trash fence. is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company.

The app page for Multiverse IIR is full of reviews from Burners who paid $8 to enter but couldn’t get it to work. (Some multiverses are free, others cost a few bucks. ) The Infinite Playa’s paid experience is still "coming soon" at time of writing, halfway through the official event week.

Some context: The trash fence is the 10-mile perimeter around the event in Nevada’s Black Rock desert, part of Burning Man’s commitment to Leave No Trace.

I’ve had the experience of waiting for a friend to join me at the Man many times before, but I’ve never done so 60 feet in the air while chatting to a random dude from the Netherlands. (The friend eventually showed up, and we went on an expedition to check out the virtual version of Black Rock City’s controversial 747 art car.

As long as Daft Punk is still said to be playing at the trash fence, Burning Man still exists.

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