How realistic are sci-fi spaceships?

How realistic are sci-fi spaceships?

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All those bouncing photons can help you move all those extra grams of carpeting. (The ideal situation is a ship that could turn from white to black when it’s far from a star and needs to take on heat, which is why Ferdowsi recently proposed building a "Kindle craft" covered in e-ink, which can switch easily from one to the other.

"If you’re in the black of space, it’s good to be a light color," Ferdowsi says — which is why you see probes, landers and the sun-facing side of the Shuttle decked out in gold or white.

That bare-bones submarine aesthetic Ferdowsi favors is also present in the Serenity, the janky trading ship from cult favorite sci-fi series Firefly.

Currently the International Space Station does have an internet connection, but Ferdowsi points out that the station mostly relies on older, more reliable telemetry systems.

As for the outside of the ship, that classic design seems very much a product of the 1960s to Ferdowsi — the flying saucer married to a Coke bottle with tail fins straight out of Detroit.

"The Death Star would be a very efficient design because it’s a perfect sphere," Ferdowsi points out.

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