People, please. Stop going to the movies.

People, Stop going to the movies.

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But even if Tenet makes zero dollars on Labor Day – which is highly unlikely – a $20. 2 million opening would put it right in the middle of Labor Day weekend’s all-time "Top 10" at the box office.

Tenet may mark a much-needed win for Warner Bros. and Hollywood, but if it’s the kickstart for moviegoing that it’s been framed as again and again, Tenet’s box office success is an even bigger win for COVID-19.

Tenet is faring even better outside the United States, with an accumulated international total of $126 million from non-U. S. theaters.

All of which is to say: From a purely business perspective, Tenet’s likely $30 million-ish domestic opening weekend is pretty good, all things considered.

After multiple delays, Tenet finally hit U. S. theaters on Sept. 4, just a week after the movie’s international opening on Aug. 28.

It’s fair to say that Tenet isn’t performing the way Warner Bros. had hoped it would before COVID-19 shut down moviegoing for months, but not by as much as you might think.

Tenet will probably close Labor Day weekend with close to $30 million if Monday viewings hold up.

Tenet is a brand new and much-hyped movie, opening during a long weekend when many of us would like to be cutting loose.

It means people are going to movie theaters, spending two hours or more sitting in an enclosed space and surrounded by other moviegoers.

Fewer people are going to the movies, definitely, but numerous states that house major markets – including New York and California – are still partially or completely shut down for moviegoers.

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