Tech firms face growing resentment of parent employees during COVID-19

Parents across Silicon Valley say they're concerned they'll be judged by peers who don't have the same family obligations during work

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"Resilient as you are, I know working parents everywhere are under stress to juggle family obligations, including supporting kids in physical and virtual classes, with work responsibilities," Jeff Clarke, Dell’s operations chief and vice chairman, wrote in a late August email to employees.

In a July survey by Blind, an anonymous social networking app for employees, which authenticates where people work using their employee email address, 69% of 1,053 tech industry workers said their children will stay home.

Silicon Valley was forced to change the way its employees work when the coronavirus pandemic forced schools to close, businesses to abandon their offices and millions of people to quarantine in their homes across the US starting in March.

As the pandemic has continued its spread, many tech companies have expanded policies to help parents deal with the sudden responsibility of caring for children while also working full time.

More than half of 1,000 people surveyed by Care. com said they felt like they’d let down their colleagues due to juggling children and work during the pandemic. 52% of respondents to the survey, published in August, said they hide their childcare issues because they worry colleagues won’t understand.

Over time, an undercurrent of resentment has bubbled up across the tech industry against those splitting time between work and family, and it’s spilled out in public on employee message boards, company chat software and on social networks.

"COVID-19 has made one thing clear — work is something you do, an outcome, not a place or a time," he wrote in an Aug. 5 email to employees.

But some employees say the companies haven’t successfully woven those feelings into their hard-charging cultures, which, before the pandemic, often included the expectation that people would endure long commutes to the office so they could be at their desks, working into the evening.

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