The 15 absolute best original series on Netflix

The 15 absolute best original series on Netflix

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Tuca & Bertie also does more with the medium of animation than almost any other animated series streaming on Netflix, using paper cutouts and sequences with puppets to highlight important parts of its story. -A. N.

Unorthodox is a gripping miniseries about a young Esty Shapiro (Shira Haas), a young, recently married woman who escapes her ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn to find her mother in Berlin and start a new life.

While we wouldn’t consider ourselves your close personal friends, the Mashable Entertainment team has banded together to share what we believe are the best Netflix original series, to watch or rewatch as you see fit.

The Get Down is one of Netflix’s most unique series offerings, remixing the real life roots of hip hop legends like DJ Cool Herc and Grandmaster Flash with the fictional, almost fairy-tale story of talented Bronx teens desperate to achieve their dreams.

Their lives in Bird Town are relatable in some ways, like how Bertie experiences sexism at work, but Tuca & Bertie’s imaginative world also allows for creative liberties, like the existence of sentient pubic lice that party on people’s crotches.

As Peter (Tyler Alvarez) and Sam (Griffin Gluck) look for the culprit behind the penis drawings in the first season (or, in Season 2, the laxative-laced lemonade), what started as a puerile spoof about the eternal hilarity of dick jokes eventually reveals itself to be a surprisingly empathetic exploration of adolescence… that still finds plenty of time to snicker about poop or penises, because come on. That shit’s hilarious.

Nadia’s Groundhog Day–esque adventure becomes increasingly complex as the series progresses and she races against the loop to discover why she can’t stop dying — and what her loop has to do with Alan, an alleged stranger who’s experiencing the exact same cycle.

It was never going to be the story of every Indian American teenager or every immigrant family, nor was it going to resolve Devi’s many flaws and misjudgments over the course of a single 10-episode season.

Here, at the predominantly Black dorm of Armstrong-Parker, where Sam (Logan Browning), Coco (Antoinette Robertson), Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson), Troy (Brandon Bell), Reggie (Marque Richardson), and Lionel (DeRon Horton) navigate their tremulous college years through race, relationships, and legacy.

This photo contains game-changing clues in a very serious criminal investigation. “Who did the dicks? ” may not sound like a compelling premise for a true-crime drama, and technically, it isn’t: American Vandal is a comedy about a completely fictional case of a high school parking lot defaced with spray-painted penises.

It has the best ensemble cast of any Kaling production (no disrespect to the rotating secondary characters of The Mindy Project, but perhaps a healthy dose of shade) and scenes that will leave you laughing, crying, or crawling out of your skin as you remember the blissful highs and nightmarish lows of adolescence. -P. K.

The series follows eight strangers who discover in quick succession that they’re linked by a single mind and soul, and that that makes them a target for certain mysterious forces.

While Season 3 — now starring Olivia Colman — didn’t always reach the same highs, it remained a stirring portrait of a woman and a marriage that are both world famous and yet still shrouded in mystery.

A sort of interdimensional rift has been opened beneath the rural town and a young girl, Eleven, who is tapped into that that Upside Down dimension, escapes her capture and teams up with a group of kids to put a stop to the terror that has entered the world.

Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson), Sam (Logan Browning), and Coco (Antoinette Robertson) take a brief break from their consuming college lives in "Dear White People".

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