These gourmet hot dogs and hamburgers deserve center stage this Labor Day

And they'll take you through tailgating season

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If you’re still in the "What is Wagyu? ‘ camp, here’s a quick breakdown: Wagyu is a Japanese breed of cattle that produces meat of exceptional flavor because of its muscle-to-fat ratio. (How it is typically treated and fed also plays into this. ) Unlike Kobe, which is a distinction tied to a place in Japan, Wagyu can be raised outside of Japan, as is the case with Snake River Farms Wagyu burgers and hot dogsĀ (starting at $12), giving them every right to call hot dogs "gourmet".

Though it is typically thought of as a thing for expensive steakhouses, extreme flavor can be achieved this way for even humble hot dogs and burgers (pre-formed patties or loose ground beef, starting at $9 per pound).

Baldor’s Shake Shack kit ($59) combines Pat LaFrieda beef with not only the requisite cheese, lettuce and tomato components, but also Martin’s Potato Buns, signature Shack Sauce and paper sleeves to put the burgers in, for an experience that is both high quality and fun.

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