This is how the Roadshow staff would spec the 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost – Roadshow

Which of these eight Ghosts is your favorite?

Curated via Twitter from CNET News’s twitter account….

I am social media editor Daniel Golson, and for my Ghost I went with a purple and white color scheme with gold accents. Published:Sept.

Reviews editor Andrew Krok’s blue and orange interior is based on the college he went to. Published:Sept.

News and features editor Kyle Hyatt spec’d his Ghost in classic dark blue over beige. Published:Sept.

Managing editor Steven Ewing picked a classy blue and white spec with light wood. Published:Sept.

Reviews editor Craig Cole went for a wonderful chocolate-y color scheme. Published:Sept.

News editor Sean Szymkowski went for an all-blue theme. Published:Sept.

A man with good taste, Antuan Goodwin also went for purple over white. Published:Sept.

Editor-in-chief Tim Stevens selected a gorgeous green with a cream interior. Published:Sept.

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