10 of the best time travel movies you can watch right now

10 of the best time travel movies you can watch right now

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In my opinion it’s an eminently watchable film, which uses its time travel element to build tension by gradually revealing the dark childhood memories the main character has been repressing — then opening up the question of what might happen in the present and future if he were able to change them (as you probably guessed, this turns out not to be such a great idea after all).

Back to the Future is available to rent or buy on Prime Video in the UK, or stream on Hulu in the U. S. ‘About Time’ is a time travel movie with a romantic twist.

The Butterfly Effect may not be as realistic as other time travel movies, but it’s fun, dammit (it’s also worth noting that audiences rated the film a much better 81 percent, and five years after it came out the Guardian even published a piece arguing that it "fell victim to snobbery" at the time).

Suffice it to say this one is an absolute Christopher Nolan epic, and if the last couple of decades have taught us anything at all, it’s that a) Nolan’s twisty films are almost always worth a watch, and 2) he’s clearly something of a time travel nerd — one of his earliest releases, Memento, was told backwards, and his next film Tenet looks set to delve even deeper into the concept.

Aside from the fact that it was one of the biggest film events of 2019, Endgame pulls pretty much every thread of the previous films together in one colossal ride of smug fan service, compelling character arcs, and yes, time travel!

And it is massively ambitious: the movie incorporates the shadow of a future apocalypse, mysterious organisations, and multiple instances of time travel into its two-hour run-time, not to mention more twists than you can shake a dozen primates at.

A man discovers he can travel back in time by reading passages from his childhood journal. 2004 (apparently a big year for time travel movies) saw the release of both Primer and The Butterfly Effect.

Below are some of the best films about time travel — or that involve some element of time travel — that you can watch on your screens this very minute (or at some time in the future, if you prefer)…

OK, fair warning: Primer might be the most ambitious and intelligent movie about time travel ever made, but it’s also brain-meltingly complex.

Fans of the MCU were slightly worried that time travel could wreak havoc on the final instalment of the series, but thankfully, Endgame brought the time-bending goods — or rather threw glitter at us while we puzzled over how it was all working out.

The possibility of time travel hangs over the film like a shadow — an extension to the mystery of Donnie’s visions — before coming to the forefront at the very end.

The Back to the Future franchise may well be the most famous time travel movie saga of all time (it’s at least up there with Terminator), and there’s a good reason for that.

The series is wildly entertaining, taking an amusing approach to time travel that sees main character Marty McFly (Michael J.

Shane Carruth’s ‘Primer’ is an uncompromising time travel movie. Be prepared.

The thing is, Donnie Darko isn’t just one of my favourite time travel films — it’s also one of my all-time favourite films, full-stop.

Tim starts off using his time travel ability to go back to the start of the summer to inform his sister’s friend Charlotte (Margot Robbie) that he has a crush on her.

When he meets Mary (Rachel McAdams), the time travel ability comes in handy again, when he turns into a bumbling fool who fails to act on his (very strong) feelings.

And Interstellar does have elements of time travel, although going in to too much detail about them leads us down a slightly spoiler-y rabbit hole I’m keen to avoid.

That’s already every sci-fi nerd’s dream, but when you add in the sweet allure of time travel it takes things to a whole new level.

Father and son duo Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) and James (Bill Nighy) share a mysterious ability to travel back in time.

A teenager and an eccentric scientist travel back in time 30 years using a Delorean time machine.

Because this film has everything. Robots. Time travel.

" If you want more Marvel time travel business, hit up Doctor Strange.

Still, if you like your time travel movies realistic and thought-provoking, this is the one to go for.

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