5 steps to take to start popping your social media bubble

5 steps to take to start popping your social media bubble

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To determine the news outlets’ biases, it aggregates the media bias designations from various outlets, including Media Bias/Fact Check. “It’s important that people get out of their own filter bubbles because doing so in nature questions and tests your own personal beliefs,” explained investigative reporter Jared Holt in a phone conversation with me. “I think that’s a very healthy thing to do.

So, for example, if you’re a big Donald Trump supporter and follow your favorite Fox News pundits, the social media algorithms are going to recommend to you more right-wing pundits to watch and more pro-Trump content to consume.

Much of what we see on our social media news feeds and timelines are a product of what accounts we follow, what channels we subscribe to, and what content we share and like.

Now that you’re aware of the filter bubble and looking to pop it, you should understand the biases various media outlets have.

If you want to pop that filter bubble, you can always create as many additional accounts on each social media channel as you’d like.

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