Asana: You Spend 60% Of Your Job On ‘Work About Work’

A staggering 60% of the time we spend “at work” is actually spent on “work about work,” according to Asana chief product officer Alex

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And that’s hard to do when most of our time is spent being unproductive, says Hood. “You look for really creative people who have shipped a bunch of things in their background, who bring a unique philosophy to things, very creative, collaborative, but you put them into a situation where information workers, a billion and a quarter of them in the world, spend 60% of their time on work about work,” Hood said in a recent TechFirst podcast. “And that is all the nonsense and BS where you’re actually manufacturing information about the things that you’re supposed to be doing, instead of actually doing the things that you’re supposed to be doing.

And, perhaps, helping you reduce stress, just like yoga does. “I also have two young kids and I think about the energy I bring home after a day where I spent 60% of my time on work about work versus where I spent 60 or more percent of my time on creative problem solving big customer problems with teams,” Hood says.

Rather, it’s organizing for impact. “I don’t think the world’s information workers have people who are shepherding their time for creative work,” he told me. “I think servant leadership is all about how do you protect the flow time of creative people to do great things.

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