Can Virtual Reality Help Us Connect Better During The Pandemic?

As winter in North America fast approaching, everyone’s worried about another lockdown and another coronavirus

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Alcove came straight from AARP Innovation Labs to help families go on adventures together in virtual reality worlds modeled after the real world.

As you started walking around on your own or with your dear ones, inside there, you can start navigating and going into different rooms, which are not your regular home environment rooms, but magical spaces that bring amazing experiences to life". In the U. S. , one of the most significant childhood moments bonding with family is to play board games such as checkers, go fish, etc..

Windrem says, “VR can bring human connection to whole new levels—through its power to connect people with each other and the world in immersive ways, which may have been impossible in the past through traditional mediums.

Robinson suggested that Alcove allows for a much richer way to communicate with one another than current video chat experiences. “On Zoom or other video chat, you can catch up and talk about your day in a very flat way while in VR you can do so much more— you can meditate together and travel the world together.

We’re hearing from virtual reality gamers and non-gamers that Alcove is an amazing place to connect with their family members.

AARP Innovation Labs released Alcove, a virtual reality app that enables friends and family to stay connected for Oculus Quest.

As virtual reality applications move away from gaming into helping people improve their daily lives, people will use it to build a healthier lifestyle and stronger connection to each other and the world around them.

In the virtual reality world, instead of being immersed inside one experience together, logistically, it’s easy to switch between experiences.

As technologies progress, more immersive experiences will involve the integrating different technologies: virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and holographic.

Cezara Windrem, Innovation Catalyst at AARP Innovation Labs, and Creator and Producer of Alcove, says, "The U. S. military has been using this for a couple of decades now for simulation and training.

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