EA pulls ads from 'UFC 4' replays after widespread complaints

EA has removed ads from 'UFC 4' replays and overlays after gamers complained they were

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The company said it turned the ads on in early September, but that it was “abundantly clear” from the backlash that ads in replays and overlays were “not welcome. ” These commercials “will not be reappearing in the future,” EA said.

EA has been accused more than once of putting its desire for post-sale revenue ahead of the gameplay experience, and UFC 4’s brief dalliance with ads won’t help its reputation.

The developer told Eurogamer it had removed commercials from the MMA game’s replays and overlays after many fans complained about the experience.

While advertisers are clearly eager to reach gamers who might not watch much TV, EA appears to have overestimated players’ desire to sit through any ads that disrupt gameplay.

These weren’t small, unintrusive promos — one commonly-cited example was a full-screen video ad for Amazon’s second season of The Boys.

Most notably, it revamped Star Wars Battlefront II’s progression system after gamers balked at a pay-to-win loot box mechanic.

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