How to get your finances in order before a divorce

From monitoring your credit score to updating your bank account, we've got a checklist for this difficult

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If you and your spouse have joint accounts, like a bank account, savings or investment accounts or credit cards, adjust them.

In addition to your financial details, you’ll want to update your profile and passwords —¬† email, bank accounts, investment and retirement accounts, utilities, cell phone, mortgage and car insurance.

A divorce analyst can help you determine a fair way to split up property and assets, retirement accounts and help you plan out your finances for life after divorce.

Before you take any legal action, it’s a good idea to hire a divorce lawyer. (Important: Make sure the attorney isn’t also representing your partner. ) Tap your friends and loved ones for recommendations and meet with a few before deciding on one.

The three credit bureaus will let you pull free weekly reports through April 2021 in a nod to help people financially protect themselves during the COVID-19 crisis.

If you have joint accounts, your spouse’s spending impacts your credit (and your spending impacts theirs).

It’s a good idea to know where your credit stands before divorce proceedings start.

From monitoring your credit score to updating your bank account, we’ve got a checklist for this difficult time.

But you’ll still want an attorney to help walk you through and finalize divorce proceedings.

Once your credit report shows late or unpaid bills and revolving balances, it can be difficult to repair your credit¬† — even if you weren’t the party responsible.

You can also check your credit report for free through your credit card issuer, bank, Mint or Credit Karma.

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