Netflix Viewers Upset With 4K Picture Quality

Netflix viewers complain of poor picture quality after a revamp of the 4K streaming

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Some Netflix customers – who pay a premium for the 4K streams – say the picture quality has deteriorated noticeably since the new encoding system was introduced. “I was watching Dark season 3 in 4K and instantly noticed that something was wrong with the picture quality, as it looked really soft and pixelated whenever there was something happening on the screen,” said Eki Andersson, an AV enthusiast. “Considering that it took me around 30 seconds to notice that something was wrong with the picture, I don’t really agree on the claim that we’re getting the same picture quality with a lower bitrate.

Not all Netflix customers are unhappy if the new system does deliver worse picture quality for reduced bandwidth. “Probably an unpopular opinion but I don’t mind a small reduction in quality if that’s the trade-off that has to happen for the enormous optimizations that their ladder systems gives to everyone,” writes one Netflix customer on Reddit.

Netflix has introduced a new system for its Premium subscribers which it claims maintains 4K picture quality whilst reducing the bandwidth the service consumes.

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