Which algorithms in your life absolutely get you? And which absolutely do not?

Which algorithms in your life absolutely get you? And which absolutely do not?

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Drum & Bass clocks in at about 180 BPM, which happens to correspond to what many coaches recommend for cadence: 180 steps per minute. (It isn’t essential for all runners, but it certainly works for me. ) I zeroed in on two cool subgenres, Liquid Drum & Bass (also known as Liquid Funk) and Brazilian Drum & Bass (also known as Sambass).

Here’s the thing, YouTube recommendation algorithm, you terrifying hot mess — even if I don’t like a show, I don’t want to focus on disliking things.

I got back into running, and discovered that one music style I like to dance to — Drum & Bass — also helps me run faster.

A few days after it arrived, your recommendation for a video named "Why Stranger Things Season 3 didn’t work" sat atop my Up Next queue, and it wouldn’t budge for weeks, despite how aggressively I refused to watch it.

Suddenly, you were so eager to provide me with similar tracks that my Discover Weekly playlists contained nothing but Drum & Bass.

We’re vaguely aware that we’re being served the kind of content we like before we even know we want it, but we’re too busy enjoying that cat video to even care. (Aldous Huxley would have a field day. ) When they stop working for us, that’s when we notice.

You haven’t failed to notice that one end of that spectrum is more extreme than the other. You guided U. S. voters to way more pro-Trump videos than pro-Clinton videos in 2016, and you were instrumental in elevating a climate-change denying crank called Jair Bolsonaro to the Brazilian presidency.

From March to May, while others perfected their sourdough, I constructed my ultimate Drum & Bass running playlist, now 697 songs strong.

Increasingly I’ve been looking for different kinds of music around 180 BPM (or, just as effectively, half of it: At 90 BPM, Eminem’s Lose Yourself isn’t just a perfect anthem of mindfulness, it’s also one of the best running tracks ever made).

Has any human being in the history of Netflix ever chosen between a "92% match," say, and a "93% match," based entirely on your one-percent drop in confidence? Not likely.

I used to be so keen to see you update yourself every Monday, sprucing up and surprising me with a bouquet of great tunes from an eclectic range of sources (I like my music super eclectic).

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