Xbox Series S leaks with $299 price

Is this Microsoft’s next next-gen console?

Curated via Twitter from The Verge’s twitter account….

The Series S will benefit from the Series X’s hugely increased CPU power and SSD performance, meaning it’ll run true next-generation games, but the reduction in GPU power means it likely won’t output modern titles in 4K resolution.

Microsoft’s two-console strategy has long felt inevitable, between Xbox chief Phil Spencer’s comments on “the next Xbox consoles” and the Series X name’s implication of another series.

This could be our first look at the Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s cut-down next-gen console that carries the codename Lockhart.

If they’re legitimate, the leaks show a white console that looks somewhat similar to the Xbox One S, as the Series X does to the One X.

It’s not immediately clear where the image came from, but leaker WalkingCat followed up with a short video showing off the same design in relation to the Series X.

If the $299 price is accurate, that could make the Series S an affordable, attractive way to get on board with the next generation for anyone who doesn’t consider 4K a must-have.

The Verge has previously reported that the Series S will target around 4 teraflops of GPU performance, compared to 12 in the Series X and 6 in the One X.

That makes sense for Microsoft, whose focus is on pushing Xbox Game Pass subscriptions to as wide an audience as possible — which also explains the lack of disc drive.

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