11 Tips to Make the Most of Your Audible Subscription

Audible is one of the biggest names in audiobooks, and while you’ve probably mastered the basics of queueing up and listening to your purchased items, there might still be features you’ve yet to Log into your account (or sign up for a free trial) and let’s start exploring.

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By default, the Audible player on mobile will jump back or forward by 30 seconds whenever you press the relevant buttons on the now playing screen, but you can customize this if you think that jump is too far (or not far enough): tap the three dots (top right), then Player settings, then time under Jump forward and back (Android) or Seconds (iOS).

There’s an alternative playback screen hidden in the Audible interface on Android and iOS, which you can find if you tap the three dots (top right) and choose Button-Free.

This simplifies the interface to make it easier to operate while you’re driving, so you can tap in the middle of the screen to pause and restart playback, tap in the lower left corner to go back 30 seconds, and tap in the lower right corner to add a clip.

You can also find the option to send books by tapping on the three dots by the title on the Library screen, or by tapping on the three dots in the top right corner of the now playing screen and choosing Share from the list.

There’s another now playing screen to use, but it’s more obvious—you can find it by tapping on the automobile icon in the top right corner when you’re listening to one of your audiobooks.

There are some new controls to learn here: Tap on the screen to pause and restart playback, swipe to the left or right to go back or forward 30 seconds, and long press on the screen (Android) or swipe down (iOS) to add a clip and bookmark.

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