5G has been ho-hum so far. The iPhone 12 gives us a reason to be excited

Commentary: High-speed wireless on the go is a tough sell when you're stuck at Enter Apple's uncanny ability to generate hype for the wonky.

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The iPhone 11 Pro added a wide-angle lens — a feature other phones already incorporated. 450"}’ section="annotation">Samsung, Verizon, T-Mobile and everyone else in the mobile industry trying to make 5G a thing — the next-generation wireless technology still needs a cheerleader able to break it through to the mainstream.

As CNET editor Patrick Holland notes in his column, the marquee feature of Apple’s new iPhone will be out of its handsĀ and in the control of Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T, which have widely varying experiences when it comes to 5G.

Enter Apple and its uncanny ability to whip consumers into a frenzy over the latest technology that competitors have already embraced (think wireless charging in the iPhone 8).

"Apple has to launch a 5G iPhone because customers buy phones to last several years," said Maribel Lopez, an analyst at Lopez Research.

While many of the premium 5G phones launching this year are better and picking up multiple bands, rumors remain that Apple may save millimeter-wave access for its higher tier device.

Apple’s next flagship iPhone, widely expected to support 5G, would serve as the capper to a year of 5G excitement.

None of the companies would even utter the word iPhone, but it’s clear they’re gearing up for a big wave of demand for 5G thanks to Apple.

Ask the carriers about the potential impact of the iPhone and they’ll plead ignorance for fear of incurring Apple’s wrath.

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