Amazon, Apple, and Google’s open-source smart home standard is on track for a 2021 launch

Easier smart home setup could be on the

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If the number of companies being brought together wasn’t ambitious enough, the list of device categories is a lengthy one: “lighting and electrical (e. g. , light bulbs, luminaires, controls, plugs, outlets), HVAC controls (e. g. , thermostats, AC units), access control (e. g. , door locks, garage doors), safety and security (e. g. , sensors, detectors, security systems), window coverings/shades, TVs, access points, bridges and others. ” In short, that’s nearly every type of major smart home device.

The group has announced (in the first major update since the standard was revealed) that work on the project is still ongoing, and it’s targeting a 2021 release, along with the first clear idea of what devices the standard is aiming to work with.

The project is still on track to provide a “draft specification” for the new standard by the end of the year, with a full launch set for 2021, according to the blog post shared by the Zigbee Alliance (a group that includes Ikea, Samsung SmartThings, and Signify / Philips Hue as board members).

Project Connected Home over IP — the ambitious attempt to bring together Amazon, Apple, Google, and the Zigbee Alliance with a unified, open-source smart home platform — has just posted its latest update on the project.

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