Android 11 system update released by Google

Android 11 system update released by Google

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In any case, one expert said the fact that Google had detached app and security updates from its major system releases a while back meant delays were now less of an issue than they had once been. "There's a lot of features that drip into Android phones across the year via app updates, which happen independently of the manufacturers," explained Chris Hall from the tech review site Pocket-lint. "That contrasts with Apple's iOS, where iPhone users wait for a big dump of features to happen all at once.

Even so, Mr Hall acknowledged that some of the privacy changes could prove timely. "People often grant permissions without realising what they are doing as they just click on an option to accept all features, allowing an app to go off and do what it wants," commented Mr Hall. "So building in one-time permissions is actually quite a big deal, especially after some high-profile cases of microphones and cameras being accessed without users realising what was going on.

Until now only Pixel and Samsung phones could do this, meaning users of other brands had needed to resort to a USB cable if they wanted to stream music, have chat messages read aloud via the vehicle's speakers or get-real time alerts on their navigation display. © 2020 BBC.

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