Another Sweeping Search for Aliens Comes Up Short

A groundbreaking survey of over 10 million star systems has failed to detect signs of extraterrestrial

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Astronomers working with the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) radio telescope in Western Australia were unable to detect alien technosignatures while surveying millions of star systems in the Vela constellation, according to new research published in Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia.

Located in a radio-quiet zone of the Australian outback, the MWA, with its 256 array tiles, has a frequency range between 80 and 300 MHz. “The MWA is a unique telescope, with an extraordinarily wide field-of-view that allows us to observe millions of stars simultaneously,” explained Trembley in a Curtin University press release. “We observed the sky around the constellation of Vela for 17 hours, looking more than 100 times broader and deeper than ever before.

Research from earlier this year painted a very bleak picture for SETI enthusiasts, as scientists estimated the total number of contemporaneous Communicating Extraterrestrial Intelligent (CETI) civilizations in our galaxy at around 36, with the closest CETI no nearer than 17,000 light-years from Earth (assuming civilizations are spread out uniformly across the galaxy).

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