Apple is using Subaru Imprezas with old garbage-can Mac Pros to map the US

Apple's 3D Vision team uses a fleet of white Subaru Imprezas equipped with high-res cameras and LiDAR scanners to gather 3D images for Apple

Curated via Twitter from Engadget’s twitter account….

The vehicles are equipped with high-res cameras and LiDAR scanners that combine computer vision and machine learning data to generate 3D images on Apple Maps.

Today, 9to5Mac shared some exclusive details about how Apple operates its mapping vehicles and how it manages the data they capture.

The vehicles must be driven in perfect weather conditions, and they must start capturing in the morning when the sun is at 30 degrees and drive until dusk when the sun returns to 30 degrees. (the software used in vehicles that gather data for Maps) pic. twitter.

Those can hold up to about a week of mapping data, and Apple uses UPS to ship the SSDs back to its offices.

Since Apple finished rebuilding its Map data, it has rolled out useful features.

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