China: Hear Me Out on This New Internet Plan

“Which global power will win the moral high ground for global internet security standards?,” asked But the US and China are locked in competition for the title nonetheless. Today, China served its own counter-proposal for the global internet, in what will predictably become a pointless, boring bit of geopolitical dick measuring.

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In a speech published today by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Minister Wang Yi referred to a “certain country” that “keeps making groundless accusations against others in the name of ‘clean’ network. ’” This unnamed country has “used security as a pretext to prey on enterprises of other countries who have a competitive edge. “Such blatant acts of bullying must be opposed and rejected,” Wang continued.

China says that nations must not coerce domestic companies to store foreign users’ data domestically (as alleged of TikTok); must not mass surveil foreign citizens (alleged of WeChat); and companies shouldn’t install “backdoors in their products and services to illegally obtain user data” (alleged of Huawei.

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