Egyptian archaeologists make stunning find of sealed 2,500-year-old human coffins in a well

Stunning find in Egypt: Trove of sealed 2,500-year-old human coffins

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The ministry said archaeologists had found more than 13 human coffins, most of which appear to have remained sealed for over 2,500 years, indicating they’d thankfully escaped looting.

That’s why a newly discovered collection of intact wood coffins found in a burial well in Saqqara is cause for excitement.

Most of the wood coffins discovered in a burial well in Saqqara appear to be sealed.

"An indescribable feeling when you witness a new archaeological discovery," he tweeted. انتظروا الاعلان عن كشف اثري جديد بسقارة، شكرا لزملائي بالوزارة.

The archaeological team will work to uncover more artifacts and also try to identify the people inside the coffins and their positions in ancient Egyptian society.

Egypt’s cultural heritage has suffered damage over the years due to looting and unauthorized excavations of historic burial sites.

The archaeological team did peek inside one of the Saqqara coffins.

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